Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tempting Tuesday....Kostas Martakis

Ok, ladies, I couldn't resist another Greek god of a man...Kostas Martakis. He's a model/actor/singer. Why am I not surprised by that bit of info? I came across this gorgeous specimen a few months ago and I instantly shivered at the intensity of his blue eyes and those pouty luscious lips. Oh my, those lips...yeah, those alone play havoc on my sensory overload. Anyway, I couldn't quite decide on a specific photo or video so I'm sharing several to quench or 'hose off' those flaming fires within you. Please check out the videos in the two additional blog posts. You definitely do not want to miss those. Here's the office website for Kostas:

What is it about these Greek men? Hmmmm....yep I do believe the Greek myths and legends...the gods are definitely smiling down on them. Enjoy. :)


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