Friday, July 22, 2011

Television » Supernatural (Hot!)

Still hot guys... Mmmmm...

Hi! It's another day. Since today's topic is about TV shows, I chose Supernatural because 1) Hot Guys 2) Still Hot Guys 3) It's a nice show.

This show is all about fighting evil (e.g. Spirits, demons, vampires, and whatnot). A heads up! This show is creepy so it's best to watch it in daylight, but if you're craving for a scare try watching it at midnight and be sure to close all the lights. I once tried watching it at night and I had to ask someone to accompany me while I brushed my teeth. XD It's THAT scary.

Although this show is very scary, it's also funny. I'm not a crazy fan of it because it's a horror show so I don't know how many seasons there are. I just saw this somewhere in Google but it says there's an upcoming season 7. Woohoo for the fans out there!

Jensen Ackles is so HOT!!! *Swoon*


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