Tuesday, July 26, 2011

SEX Scandal offender Edison Chen Busted, Spotted in Hong Kong

Edison Chen Busted, Spotted in Hong Kong

After returning to Hong Kong last month to face the media and assist the police with the investigation, Edison was reported to have secretly left the city. During this time, his company have insisted that the actor has been residing in USA. But yesterday, a Hong Kong tabloid exposed the performer, by reporting that he had returned to Hong Kong secretly and that he is currently staying at the Le Meridien Cyberport Hotel. The magazine also published a picture of someone resembling Edison but due to the picture’s fuzziness, it is hard to verify if the person is indeed Edison himself.

After leaving Hong Kong, Edison was said to have flown to Thailand and then USA. But a magazine yesterday revealed that the actor-singer had flown to Thailand but had never boarded a plane for USA, instead returned to Hong Kong in secret. But upon his return, Edison did not return to his luxury home or stay at the high security hotel, Four Seasons, instead, he chose the Le Meridien Cyberport Hotel. It seems that Edison is attending to some personal business and preparing to live in America permanently. It is believed that Edison will fly to America when the school year begins.

The tabloid also revealed that Edison was seen smoking on his ninth level hotel room and that he had made agreements with the hotel to use the special entrance.

A witness had told the magazine that on the 9th he had saw Edison near the Le Meridien Cyberport Hotel. The witness accounted, “On that day, around 5pm, Edison was wearing a t-shirt, jeans and beanie and made his way to Cyberport’s The Arcade from the hotel. He did not have any bodyguards but was accompanied by a female of around 20 years of age. I saw with my own eyes that Edison was with a westerner, who was quite good looking. She was holding something like a document, it seemed like they were talking business. They were laughing and Edison appeared to be relaxed. But when he noticed that someone was looking at him, he immediately looked down and walked away.”

When reporters asked Edison’s management company, the spokeswoman, Ms. Leung said, “The Hong Kong media did not see him. (Where is Edison?) In America! He is organising things over there.”


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